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What is the 360Advisor Program?

The 360Advisor program is a multi-faceted networking consortium that brings together Customer Experience experts from across the BPO industry, and provider landscape. Advisors can choose their level of participation - acting as knowledge leaders to generate thought leadership, networking to expand their prospect and partnership pool, or joining as part of our referral network to serve as rainmakers for OP360's BPO services.

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Be smart and leverage your network for gains

We like to think of referrals as blue-sky opportunities.

As part of our referral network, rewards will be proportional to the size of converted contracts.  Compensation is based on how many “seats” your combined client’s contract with OP360). Each “seat” equates to one OP360 “customer-facing” employee that supports a client for 40 hours per week.

The structure is simple and designed so that you earn significant money per seat for each new client account you secure. OP360 has designed the maximum earning potential based on the number of seats generated. Individuals will be able to earn commissions up to $100 per seat per month. The commission may vary slightly based on the possibility of clients that who are working with lower-cost agents in non-customer-facing roles.

When you secure new client accounts, OP360 will pay you each month, for 18 months from the beginning of the first billing month for each new client account. Payment is made monthly to coincide with each paid client invoice.

Advisor Events

Mingle. Share. Optimize.

As part of our Advisors Group, you have the opportunity to join any of our Cocktails & Convos events across the United States as well as attend as our guest at the many CX and outsourcing conferences where we exhibit.  This is a great way for you to expand your network while also acting as an advocate for OP360.

Our Advisors

Join the best of the best.

Being an Advisor means access to top-caliber experts in the software and AI space in addition to leaders of major verticals.  Learn from other Advisors to improve and optimize your own customer experience solutions.

Why OP360?

At OP360, simplicity is golden.

It’s always been (and always will be) about delivering for our customers. To do this well, we invest in talented, hardworking and passionate individuals around the world who care a whole lot about getting the job done. But we don’t stop there. Whether our clients are looking to build a team, increase sales or master productivity, we help them define success for years to come. We know a global economy requires global solutions.

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Megan Bassler

VP, Strategic Partnerships

Jacqueline Mistretta

Assoc. Director, Strategic Partnerships

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