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AI Operations Outsourcing

At OP360, we power AI for business operations and machine learning models by providing
human-annotated data labeling services and AI system training. Our outsourcing solutions offer security, cost-effectiveness, and scalability.


With ISO 27001 certification—the highest infosec standards in the industry—OP360’s AI operations maintain high ratings in customer satisfaction and lasting partnerships built on trust.


With top-of-the-line security protocols and dedicated facilities for data handling in the United States, India, Colombia, and the Philippines, we ensure 24/7 safety and confidentiality, 365 days a year.


Our expert annotators provide precise multilingual data labels, essential for large dataset AI models. Fluent in 12+ languages, human annotators improve the accuracy and scale of your machine learning.

Use AI to maximize efficiency

AI begins with data. Every AI system, from virtual assistants and chatbots to self-driving cars and diagnostic tools, needs high-quality data to work effectively.

All AI systems rely on machine learning training data — labeled and annotated — to accurately recognize text, images, or speech. So, OP360 sources, labels, and categorizes all data formats from multi-page documents to rich images.

Outsourced data training with a global AI team sets your business up for success, whether you’re working on natural language processing, audio processing, optical character recognition (OCR), AI apps, large language models, or robotic process automation (RPA).

Nothing Beats a Human Touch

While there are plenty of automation tools on the market, humans are the superior annotators for AI data for a number of reasons:

Contextual Understanding V2

Contextual understanding

The ability to understand nuanced cultural references and idioms



Navigating real-world uncertainties with common sense and knowledge


Complex data type handling

Ability to interpret audio-visual cues seamlessly


Ongoing language training

Ability to keep up with evolving cultural reference shifts


Creativity and subjectivity

Understanding of emotions and artistic interpretations



Detection of common AI errors and ability to consistently apply guidelines


Unstructured data processing

Ability to understand handwriting or irregular images



Ability to judge potentially offensive or harmful material

Although automation tools expedite certain aspects of data annotation, human annotators remain irreplaceable in their ability to handle the complexities of diverse data types and dynamic content.

Our AI Outsourcing Services

We are the humans behind the algorithms, doing the mission-critical groundwork and carefully annotating large training datasets to enhance the efficiency of the AI systems you need to remain competitive in today’s increasingly digital landscape

When put to the test, we deliver better results for projects across the data lifecycle:

Our AI Operations team can quickly scale to create training data sets using the latest proprietary and open annotation tools, giving you the best of both worlds.

Three reasons AI outsourcing can
work for you

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#1 Right the first time

Accuracy reigns supreme, and our track record of consistently delivering precise results underscores our commitment to excellence. Managers are constantly auditing and overseeing the work produced.

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#2 Scalable for large volumes at speed

Navigating the demands of vast AI training data is effortless with outsourcing. Our approach ensures rapid scalability and allows you to channel your energies into pioneering AI advancements.

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#3 Security guaranteed

We set the gold standard of information security (ISO27001) and data protection measures in place to ensure full industry compliance, giving you the confidence to power ahead with your projects.

The Numbers That Matter

4 Years Average Agent Tenure

We maintain an industry-defying 4-year agent tenure rate. You can rely on a consistent team of employees who are well-compensated and supported with training and development opportunities.

5 years Average Client Relationship

We help all types of businesses, from startups to mature enterprises. Our foundation of openness and collaboration ensures enduring client partnerships. The average client relationship lasts 5+ years.

More Than 59%
YoY Growth

Our strong team and client base have driven consistent YoY growth of over 59% for the last 4 years. We grow our business sustainably, ensuring excellent onboarding and client experiences throughout.

6 Nearshore & Offshore Locations

Strategically positioned in high-growth emerging cities, our 6 business outsourcing centers offer talented and tenured expertise, reduced employment competition, and up to 70% lower operational costs.

Outsource Your AI Operations to OP360

OP360 has the tools and experience necessary to support AI Operations whether you have a micro-sized business or a large scale corporation. In addition, our teams can work across a wide range of industries, including:

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Powering Industry Giants

Trusted customer support partner of leading brands

Powering Industry Giants​

Trusted customer support partner of leading brands​

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The Ultimate Guide to Elevating Your Customer Experience
Discover how the powerful blend of AI and human expertise revolutionizes engagement, boosts revenue, and keeps you steps ahead of the competition.
The Ultimate Guide to Elevating Your Customer Experience
Discover how the powerful blend of AI and human expertise revolutionizes engagement, boosts revenue, and keeps you steps ahead of the competition. Download it now!
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