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We provide Healthcare BPO services that enhance patient satisfaction, keep costs under control, and streamline engagement for consumers and providers.

Stay Ahead of the Curve: Transform Your Business with Cutting-Edge Tech

How users access healthcare is changing. We monitor our activity on apps; wearables inform us about our blood sugar levels, notify us when we’re ovulating, and even track our heart rate variability for stress management.

Patients have grown accustomed to this instant feedback and a continuous stream of information. It’s not just about receiving care anymore; it’s about having an informed and connected healthcare experience.

Being a healthcare provider working across demographics is challenging. 60% of younger healthcare consumers desire a digital experience. Older demographics lean toward blended digital phone access; everyone wants a seamless, pain-free experience.

At OP360, we support you in designing and delivering a seamless user experience that enhances patient results, optimizes operations, personalizes care, and reduces costs.

Users Want… Everything!

Ease of Access

89% of healthcare consumers state that ease of access is the most important factor (CVS Health).

Human-to-Human Contact

64% prefer human-to-human phone interactions when communicating with their healthcare providers (Avtex).

Strong Communication

68% of patients said their healthcare providers need to improve how they interact with patients (Avtex).

Digital Excellence

50% of healthcare consumers say a single bad digital experience can ruin their complete experience with a healthcare provider (Accenture).

Cost Transparency

64% of patients said that increases their satisfaction with providers significantly (Accenture).

With nearly 5500 associates supporting industry leaders in medical supplies, specialty providers, dental practices, and med spas, OP360 is a leader in Healthcare Outsourcing

We assist patients in seamlessly navigating their healthcare experience. We also give providers and medical services companies scalable support to drive user engagement across digital platforms. As a result, we empower you to improve your customer experience while growing your healthcare business.

Healthcare Provider Outsourcing

Reduce administrative tasks and increase patient experience.

Dental and Orthodontic Outsourcing

Improve practice operations and increase patient experience

What Makes OP360 a Best-in-Class Outsourcer?

We keep you compliant

Our InfoSec and certifications include:

We free up your time to focus on patient care

Beyond improving the quality of patient care, our healthcare BPO services offer a range of attractive benefits. We’ll touch more on our BPO services below!

Powering Industry Giants

Trusted customer support partner of leading brands

Stay Ahead of the Curve – Outsource with The Best

In an industry of global connections, you can’t afford to rely on a traditional labor force and clunky technology. Contact us to learn more about outsourcing solutions to stay competitive in the fintech field and explore OP360’s other tech outsourcing services while you’re here. 

We modernize your organization

It isn’t necessary to completely overhaul your own technology infrastructure in order to modernize your healthcare business. OP360 provides the latest in AI-driven technology and data analytics so you can stay ahead of the curve.

Ensuring data security and privacy At OP360, data security and patient privacy are always top-of-mind. Our robust security measures will ensure that your organization remains in full compliance and patient data remains protected.

We reduce your operating costs

Hospitals have a mission to serve patients, but they must also operate with fiscal prudence. OP360’s healthcare BPO services can reduce your operating expenditures.

We offer value-based pricing

Whether you approach us for outsourcing dental services, hospital managed services, or medical supply outsourcing, we adopt a simple and transparent pricing approach designed to reduce onshore operational costs while enhancing the patient experience. Pricing is customized to your uniquely required skill sets and needed scope. We calculate billing hourly per dedicated full-time equivalent (FTE) and assume 173 working hours per month. Final pricing is developed and finalized with your direct input.

"Working with the OP360 Team has been a delight! Their proactive mindset, adaptability, and critical thinking skills shine through in every aspect. They're not just meeting expectations; they're exceeding them, driving continuous improvement and innovation. A truly exceptional team!"
Trainer at Leading In-Home PT Platform
“OP360 came in to support our in-house FTEs deal with our billing processes. We had so many bottlenecks. Within a week we could start to see the difference, since then they have moved on to support us in bookings, coding, records management, and even sales outbound. They are a major factor in our growth.”
Leading Dental Practice
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How Do BPO Services in Healthcare Improve Patient Outcomes?

As a leading healthcare business process outsourcing (BPO) services provider, OP360 can handle your outsourced tasks more efficiently than an in-house team, with a higher quality of customer service. Yet, cutting costs isn’t the only benefit of choosing healthcare BPO. 


Our BPO services can enable you to improve your patient care and safety metrics, leading to better patient outcomes. How, exactly? Two reasons:


When you choose to outsource with OP360, your internal teams can focus solely on the core mission of your organization. Without the burden of handling administrative and customer service-related tasks, your organization is free to do what it does best: Help patients heal.


We offer a full suite of IT solutions designed to enhance patient engagement. Your patients will be able to access their healthcare information more easily, get their questions answered faster, and enjoy an enhanced, streamlined experience—all of which means they will be more engaged decision-makers in their own healthcare. When patients take an active role in their wellness, better patient outcomes follow.

Bring Your Practice into a New Era with OP360

OP360 elevates service quality across the entire patient lifecycle. As one of the industry’s leading healthcare BPO providers, OP360 delivers a complete suite of customer experience, content moderation, artificial intelligence (AI) operational tools, and back-office support services for all types of healthcare organizations. 

Our business outsourcing solutions make it possible for your healthcare company to please your patients while keeping costs manageable.

With locations in the U.S., Colombia, the Philippines, and beyond, our healthcare BPO experts offer a full suite of services to support your organization while transforming and streamlining your operations. Contact us today to learn more about outsourcing your non-core healthcare activities.

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The Ultimate Guide to Elevating Your Customer Experience
Discover how the powerful blend of AI and human expertise revolutionizes engagement, boosts revenue, and keeps you steps ahead of the competition.
The Ultimate Guide to Elevating Your Customer Experience
Discover how the powerful blend of AI and human expertise revolutionizes engagement, boosts revenue, and keeps you steps ahead of the competition. Download it now!
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