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Content Moderation Outsourcing

Shape the customer experience with expert content moderation. Whether it's your blog, social media, app, videos, or forums, your audience expects a safe space to engage. Our reliable off-site Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solution delivers a skilled team that scales with consumer engagement.

High Volume Moderation

7,000,000 Content pieces moderated per year

With thousands of employees, advanced training, and data science tools, the OP360 team moderates a vast number of pieces per year, providing you with a smooth, efficient moderation outsourcing process.

Live Quality Assurance Interactions

1,000,000+ Audited live QA interactions

Our content moderation services are precise and proactive on every occasion. With over a million annual QA audits, our clients can confidently rely on us for exceptional consistency and adherence to protocol.

Continuous Support

24/7 – 365 Continuous support all year round

With team members across continents and around the globe, order processing takes place every hour of the day. Should clients or employees have a question about anything, a manager is available to answer.

Since 2006, OP360 has empowered thriving online communities with a seamless blend of cutting-edge AI technology and human moderators, providing adherence to your content guidelines and protection from offensive, illegal, and harmful content across your digital platforms.

With approximately 69% of businesses currently embracing business outsourcing — particularly content moderation BPO — it’s an ideal moment to explore how this strategy can support your growing operations.

Moderation Outsourcing: A Better Way To Protect Your Users

By proactively managing user-generated content, you create a welcoming space that cultivates positive interactions and bolsters user engagement. Users are more likely to trust and engage with a platform that actively safeguards against misinformation, scams, offensive speech, and fraudulent activities.

A well-moderated environment encourages productive discussions and knowledge sharing while minimizing toxic behaviors. With healthy interactions and constructive debates, you establish your platform — whether it’s an app, social media page, or website — as a go-to destination for valuable information and recreation.

Troubleshoot Before Problems Arise

Troubleshoot Before Problems Arise

By addressing potential issues before they escalate, you demonstrate your commitment to user well-being, elevating user satisfaction and loyalty. Positive user experiences, in turn, drive higher user retention rates and increased brand advocacy, effectively boosting your platform's visibility and growth.

Remain Legally Compliant

Remain Legally Compliant

From a legal standpoint, robust content moderation shields your business from potential legal challenges and regulatory issues, creating a more secure operating environment and ensuring compliance with industry standards.

Manage Your Reputation

Manage Your

Managing your online reputation and keeping your customers safe demands effective monitoring tools that protect your community while limiting brand exposure. OP360’s combination of human support and automated digital moderation tools provides the robust framework you need to monitor your digital spaces.

With cost-effective, 24/7 capabilities, a full support team, tools, and training provided by your outsourced partner, you can put your content moderation on autopilot and focus on core business growth activities.

Outsourced Content Moderation Services

With our leading-edge technology, rigorous policies, and market-leading training, we’ve got what it takes to protect your customers. Our services span across social media to apps, gaming to product reviews.

Outsourcing content moderation allows businesses to quickly ramp up their capabilities to include:

Three Ways Content Moderation Outsourcing Can Help You

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#1 Scaling your team

Outsourcing scales operations quickly. Moderated user-generated content boosts ranking, reputation, and user engagement. Extend or shrink your team as needed to meet demand, without hiring or firing.

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#2 Expert content moderators

Our software engineers, automation experts, and social media moderators are ready to take care of your brand and your customers. Trained in AI proficiency, expect rapid responses and real-time solutions.

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#3 Cost savings

Outsourcing content moderation achieves high-quality performance and output while saving money on automation tools, operational overhead, recruitment, training, or scaling salaried staff.

The Numbers That Matter

When it comes to finding a partner you can trust, the numbers say it all.

4 Years Average Agent Tenure

OP360 employees maintain a 94% satisfaction rating. We pay our teams well and support them with unique work/life balance programs to maintain an agent tenure rate 4x the industry average.

5 Years Average Client Relationship

We maintain strong client partnerships through openness and collaboration. We stake our brand reputation on protecting yours, and work tirelessly as a vital extension of your business.

59% YoY Business Growth for 4+ Years

We’re committed to responsible growth and inclusivity. To meet modern demands, we’ve increased global staff by 45% and leadership by 41%. In fact, over 45% of our leaders are women.

6 Competitive Nearshore & Offshore Locations

We operate out of places with low operational costs and experienced candidates. Our offices are in the Philippines, Colombia, India, and US cities like Tampa, FL and Ridgefield, CT (home to our headquarters).

We look forward to helping you solve your biggest operational challenges this year. Contact us to learn more about outsourcing solutions.

Powering Industry Giants

Trusted customer support partner of leading brands

Powering Industry Giants​

Trusted customer support partner of leading brands​

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The Ultimate Guide to Elevating Your Customer Experience
Discover how the powerful blend of AI and human expertise revolutionizes engagement, boosts revenue, and keeps you steps ahead of the competition. Download it now!
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