Beyond the Bottom Line: How Corporate Giving Shapes Communities

As winter wraps us in its embrace, we remember that the season is not just about the cold; it’s about warmth and giving. The same is true of big companies. They’re not solely about big bucks; they’re big on heart, too. Like the comfortable experience of sharing a hot cup of cocoa with loved ones, corporations evoke a sense of togetherness through impactful corporate giving practices.

In 2020, corporate giving in the US reached $21.09 billion. That’s serious generosity making serious waves. Even more noteworthy is that 89% of us are willing to switch brands to support a cause we believe in. Values matter more than ever.

For businesses, giving extends beyond financial considerations. When companies engage in philanthropy, employee morale boosts, and trust and loyalty go through the roof. Consider this statistic: 70% of employees prefer working for a company committed to making the world better. That’s the kind of workplace culture that keeps things thriving.

At OP360, we match our talk with real action. Our executives’ roots in compassion projects have inspired efforts in Cebu, Philippines, and Barranquilla, Colombia, where we’ve adopted a total of six local schools. For both countries, we’ve contributed approximately $70,000 for community impact. OP360 has invested time and financial resources in launching community-building initiatives conceived and led by our teams through our philanthropic arm, OP360 Cares.

When the pandemic disrupted traditional schooling, we saw the failures of other learning modalities, especially when it came to students with special needs. For this reason, we’ve adopted and continued supporting a special needs education center and three other schools in Cebu.

Our commitment to our school partners continued through the 2021 OP360 Donate-a-Day Program, where employees donated their pay for their designated “volunteer day.” The collective generosity of our people resulted in transformative changes for the schools: the SNED Center converted a dilapidated space into its transition room; a public school north of Cebu rebuilt a typhoon-ravaged greenhouse; an elementary school renovated its termite-infested canteen to accommodate more students; and a high school repaired the canopy of their outdoor stage. 

Fast forward to the end of 2023, and our partnerships with our Filipino beneficiary communities endure—in August, we reaffirmed our commitment through a grant that would support the schools’ priority projects. As we continue expanding our global footprint, we remain dedicated to engaging with our partners, exploring new opportunities for collaboration, and striving to be a catalyst for positive change in the local communities where we operate.

“Embracing the spirit of giving isn’t just a choice; it’s our responsibility as a company rooted in community. At OP360, we believe that our impact isn’t measured solely by what we gain, but by what we give.”

– Tim Boylan, Founder & CEO of OP360 

We care for our local community the way we do our team. We pay competitive wages and support their passion projects. Beyond these, we acknowledge our impact in terms of adversity. In the aftermath of a super typhoon, we opened our sites as temporary shelters and extended financial relief to our people. Their readiness to take action is the force that powers and sustains our commitment to corporate social responsibility, so it’s only right we step up for them.

As the snow falls, let’s carry this spirit forward and remember that giving is not confined to a season; it’s a perpetual way of life. 

Want to know more? Dive into our OP360 Cares mission and see how we’re changing lives.

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The Ultimate Guide to Elevating Your Customer Experience
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