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Direct Mail Follow-Up Outsourcing Services

Your hard-working employees are what drives your company forward. So why let them get bogged down with simple tasks that you could easily outsource? 

OP360 is an industry leader in customer experience (CX) outsourcing, including direct mail follow-up services. Our complete suite of BPO services can help your company reach new heights with minimal risk and low costs. 

What Is Follow-Up Direct Mail Outsourcing?

There are many strategies for generating new leads and encouraging past customers to become loyal fans of your brand. By themselves, these methods are fairly effective. But when combined with a multi-pronged strategy as part of an overall marketing campaign, their results can be astounding.

One prime example is direct mail. When you send flyers and other mailers to potential customers, you can expect somewhat decent results. Out of every 100 pieces of direct mail sent, about 2-4 people will respond to it in some way and about 1-2 people will make a purchase.

Yet, when you combine your direct mail marketing campaign with a follow-up, you have the potential to significantly boost your response and conversion rates—all for a minimum additional investment.

Consider this: 60% of consumers turn down a sales offer 4 times before finally making a purchase. Persistence clearly wins the day.

Direct mail follow-up is the process of making a friendly sales call or sending a marketing email to a customer who has already received a piece of direct mail from that company. It’s a way to encourage customers to keep the brand top of mind the next time they need those particular products or services.

Direct mail follow-up also encourages customers to act more quickly. Often, people will save a company’s mailer to remind themselves to check out the company at a later time—and then they forget all about it. A friendly call or email can remind the customer about the brand and nudge them along the buyer’s journey.

Why Outsource Direct Mail Follow-Up Services?

If your company’s marketing department produces its own direct mail marketing campaigns, why not have your in-house team conduct the follow-up? There are lots of benefits of outsourcing direct mail.

At OP360, we’ve designed our CX outsourcing solutions to minimize risk to companies while allowing for easy scalability. Consider the following benefits of direct mail outsourcing with OP360:

Avoids the need to hire new staff members to conduct direct mail follow-ups

Reduces your company’s overhead

Allows your employees to focus on what they do best rather than on busy work

Our CX outsourcing team consists of highly trained, exceptionally friendly representatives who will take the time to thoroughly understand your brand and its products or services so that we can deliver effective engagement for potential customers.

OP360 is a business process outsourcing (BPO) company specializing in helping other companies thrive and grow. It’s our mission to help you please your customers.

Our friendly team looks forward to handling your direct mail follow-ups, as well as other customer experience functions—from mobile in-app support to order processing and fulfillment services. Contact us today to learn more about our direct mail outsourcing services and ask us why accurate direct mail customer data drives customer experience.

The Ultimate Guide to Elevating Your Customer Experience
Discover how the powerful blend of AI and human expertise revolutionizes engagement, boosts revenue, and keeps you steps ahead of the competition.
The Ultimate Guide to Elevating Your Customer Experience
Discover how the powerful blend of AI and human expertise revolutionizes engagement, boosts revenue, and keeps you steps ahead of the competition. Download it now!
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